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Human Resources

ALROSA’s HR policy is primarily aimed at nurturing highly qualified and competent human resources, efficiently applying their potential, and creating a favorable workplace built upon equality.

There are almost 34 thousand employees in ALROSA Group, 88% of them work in Yakutia. ALROSA Group, more than 90% of whom were employed in Yakutia. Representatives of the indigenous peoples of Yakutia account for 11% of the total headcount. Considering the industry specifics of the company, the number of blue-collar jobs exceeds 60%.


The average age of an ALROSA employee is 41 years.

The average wage in ALROSA is currently twice as high as both the Yakutia’s average and the national average. Currently, it is over RUB 162 thousand per month.

ALROSA is continuously improving its approaches to attracting new employees in order to develop human resources potential: it increases the attractiveness of the employer brand, implements programs for young specialists, and cooperates with educational institutions in the regions of presence. The company also takes part in Yakutia's “Local Staff in Industry” program to attract the local citizens, implements its own program to help new employees to adapt to work process faster, and creates the basis for their professional growth.


According to its 2021-2025 Sustainability Programme ALROSA expects that the staff turnover rate will not exceed 9% by 2025 and the share of the local citizens in the total number of employees will be kept at no less than 90%. The company also plans to maintain the share of women in the total headcount at no less than 30% and ensure that the share of the indigenous peoples in the total headcount is not lower than 11% annually.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunities

We at ALROSA do our utmost to ensure that our employees enjoy fair, equal, and accommodating workplace conditions; we sincerely respect human rights and freedoms, acknowledging that they are essential and universal. Our company follows the applicable international and national laws, as well as the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, which are based on the International Bill of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

All our employees are granted equal opportunities and workplace conditions, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, language, origin, financial/social/professional status, age, place of residence, religious and political beliefs, membership of public organizations or lack thereof, or any other circumstances outside of the employee’s work. When headhunting and recruiting new employees, ALROSA looks solely at their professional skills and does not tolerate any form of discrimination.

While our mining company structure has traditionally been dominated by male employees, we are committed to creating an environment where more women can work as experts and top managers. 30% of ALROSA employees are women, which is quite a high proportion for the mining industry.

Employee Training and Development

To make employee training and development more efficient, ALROSA gives its personnel access to professional education (including further education) and corporate management programs, in addition to hosting career guidance events for young people and potential employees.

ALROSA also runs a Corporate University, which creates a system for continuous education. It offers over 70 training programs, including: ALROSA Heritage, ALROSA Potential, ALROSA Leaders, ALROSA Assets, TOP 25, and ALROSA Employee Pool.

Furthermore, as part of collaborating with education and secondary vocational education institutions, ALROSA actively engages with promising young professionals with the intent of recruiting them.

Employees' Social Programs

For several years now, ALROSA has been working on corporate welfare programs for its employees: Treatments and Recreation for Employees and Their Family Members; Health; Culture and Sport; and Housing.


In ALROSA, taking care of employees’ health primarily means creating decent living conditions. Such support from the company mitigates possible health problems at the local level and gives employees access to high-quality medical care and treatment in major Russian medical centers. The program is implemented through ALROSA’s own Medical Center, which has been operating since 2012 and combines 28 locations at company’s various sites. It ensures the health of employees at work and performs a number of tests and medical procedures, eliminating the need for employees to go to the outpatient clinic. More than 70 leading medical institutions of Russia and Yakutia also participate in the Health program. The company has a voluntary medical insurance program for all of its employees, which includes various doctors' services, as well as in-patient treatment, emergency and ambulance services.

In order to improve the quality and accessibility of medical care for employees, ALROSA has launched new programs in recent years:

  • free screening tests to provide employees with complete examinations for various disease profiles,
  • Workshop Therapist pilot project for the prevention of arterial hypertension and cardiovascular diseases,
  • Doctor’s Nearby telemedicine project. ALROSA was one of the first in Russia to integrate online consultations with doctors into its corporate medical system.
Wellness and recreation

Given the harsh climate in the main regions where ALROSA operates, a special place in the company's social policy is occupied by disease prevention and organization of health resort treatment and recreation. The program is implemented along with other activities aimed at preserving the health of employees.

Under the program, each employee of the company once a year can receive a preferential package of health resort treatment and recreation.

ALROSA’s employees spend time at health resorts in Yakutia, Altai, and the Black Sea coast. If employees cannot choose from the destinations offered by the company, the Profalmaz trade union has its own recreation program in cooperation with tour operators.

A special place in the program is given to children's recreation, thanks to which more than 2,000 children of our employees rest in recreation camps every year.


The program's goal is to attract and retain qualified personnel in the company, as well as to expand opportunities for employees to improve their housing conditions

Main options of the program:

  • help with mortgages: the company compensates interest paid,
  • assistance in buying a flat from the company: the employee contributes 20% of the cost of housing and the remaining 80% is paid in installments over 5 years,
  • construction of new residential buildings,
  • co-financing of the state program for young families: people receive social payments for the purchase or construction of housing faster than usual.

Arts and Sports

One of the key factors in increasing workforce productivity is the creation of a favorable corporate spirit. Full-fledged leisure activities for the company's employees and other citizens of the regions of presence contribute to a healthy lifestyle, reduce illness frequency, help to maintain working ability, and improve of cultural and educational intelligence.

ALROSA has its own organization, which includes 13 sports facilities (swimming pools, gyms, ice arena and a stadium, a hockey court, a skiing base, a carting club), 7 arts institutions, 2 health camps for children. There are 48 sports sections for children and 32 for adults and over 100 creative teams with more than 3,000 people engaged. The staff, providing operation of these facilities, totals about 500 people.

Employees who are members of the trade union can visit gym twice a week for free, and the cost of visiting clubs and sections for children is reduced to a minimum,100 rubles (~ USD$1.5) per month.

Private Retirement Support

The Private Retirement Support Program for ALROSA employees was established in 1998; its aim is not just to ensure that our workers continue to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle after their well-earned retirement, but also to appeal to new personnel and to retain current employees, motivating them to keep up their productive work for the company for many years.

The program is facilitated by the Almaznaya Osen (Diamond Autumn) Private Pension Fund. In 2017, we introduced parallel funding for corporate pensions: both the company and the employee contribute equal amounts to the pension fund, doubling the resulting payment.

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