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United Selling Organization
Evgeny Agureev, Director
F: +7 495 960-21-61

The United Selling Organization (USO) of ALROSA was established in 1996 through the merger of two ALROSA structural units — the Diamond Center and Almazexport. Today the USO is a division of ALROSA where sorting, preliminary valuation, pre-sale preparation and sale of almost all diamonds produced in Russia Is carried out.

The USO employs more than 500 high skilled professionals — sorters and experts. They are capable of correctly grading all gemstones and thereby determining their ultimate fate. Many have been handling rough diamonds for decades.

YAPTA (Yakutsk Diamond Trading Enterprise)
Alexei Evstratov, Director

The Yakutsk Diamond Trading Enterprise (YaPTA) was established in on January 28, 1993 under the resolution of the ALROSA Executive Committee. Since 1996 YaPTA is a subordinate unit of the United Selling Organization (USO) of ALROSA.

It is engaged in sorting, valuation, box formation and marketing of rough diamonds.

YaPTA employs some 240 people. Most of them are directly engaged in sorting, valuation, accounting and pre-sale preparation of rough goods. The quality and stability of the works is ensured by a system of management certified under the ISO 9001 international Quality standard.

The YaPTA personnel are high-skilled sorters and diamond grading experts many of whom have qualified with specialized educational centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Barnaul and gemological centers in Europe, with their qualifications confirmed by GIA and IGI diplomas. Approximately 85% of the staff have specialized higher education in geology, mining, physics, and five of them have scientific degrees of Candidate of Sciences. Many of the employees receive extended education in the framework of refresher courses.

The YaPTA clientele is comprised of Russian diamond manufacturers, mostly registered and operating in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Long-term stable relationships with a number of companies have been translated into direct long-term regular supply agreements with them.


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