Colored diamonds

Colored diamonds

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ALROSA is the world's largest supplier of colored diamonds.

According to the international classification, structurally perfect diamonds are colorless. But sometimes minor mineral impurities or changes in the crystal lattice of a diamond lead to diamonds acquiring color. The greater the presence of such impurities, the more brightly the diamonds exhibit strong and vibrant color, known as fancy colors.

Colored gem-quality rough diamonds are rarer than colorless diamonds, and therefore fancy colored polished diamonds are extremely valuable. In addition, their uniqueness depends on the intensity of the color, and some fancy colors are rarer than others.

Fancy colored diamonds play with light in the same way as colorless ones, but they have a special character that mesmerizes at first sight those who are looking for something extraordinary and eye-catching.

Only one in 10,000 mined diamonds is colored, and this rare characteristic is the basis for the constant growth in the value of colored diamonds.

Today pink polished diamonds are the world auction record holders. Thus, in 2021, the Spirit of the Rose, a unique deep pink diamond, was sold at auction in Geneva. The stone weighed 14.83 carats, making it one of the largest diamonds of this color in the world.

The Russian cutters worked for almost a year to create a real treasure with the characteristics of Fancy Vivid Purple-Pink and Internally Flawless from the diamond found in Yakutia. The oval shape made it possible to obtain the maximum possible size of the cut diamond and emphasize the delicate shade of a rose petal with dozens of facets.

Two years earlier, in 2019, Graff purchased an incredible 20.69-carat deep yellow Firebird diamond from ALROSA. From the crystal found in Yakutia, the Russian cutters managed to create a unique diamond with the characteristics of Fancy Vivid Yellow, VS1 and Excellent Polish & Symmetry.

The Usher cut, atypical for stones of fancy colors, emphasized to the greatest possible extent the richness of natural color, and creates an incredible optical effect that simultaneously resembles the play of tongues of flame, the glare of the sun in crystal clear water and showers of sparks in the tail of a fairy-tale bird.