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Our Business

ALROSA's business relies on a strong resource base,
efficient production processes, innovative technologies
and international business standards

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Our strategy

The key points of the ALROSA Group’s Strategy till 2025 are:

  • maintaining leadership in the global diamond market
  • focusing on the rough diamond business
  • efficient management of the socially responsible business in order to implement long-term interests of the shareholders

Our products

All rough diamonds mined by ALROSA are evaluated and sorted in full compliance with Russian and international standards. Due to their numerous excellent properties, Russian diamonds are in great demand all over the world.
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The company’s diamond cutting facilities employ the best experts, who carefully preserve and improve the fabled «Russian cut» traditions. Every step of each gem’s journey — from the mine to the cutter’s hands — is fully controlled by ALROSA; the company guarantees that all its gems are of a natural, non-conflict origin.
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From 2020 The ALROSA Group includes The ALROSA Jewelry Group. Our jewelers have a wealth of experience in creating stunning jewelry with diamonds and other precious inserts.
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Business model

Production from A to Z

The largest cutting and polishing production in Europe
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6 mining and processing complexes, 7 quarries and 3 underground mines
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Resources & assets