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Yakutia is one of the coldest places on Earth, where sunshine is scarce and survival is a skill, nature has hidden the magnificent gift of diamonds. Under layers of snow and permanently frozen ground, deep in the Earth’s interior, these precious gems were discovered just 60 years agо in Yakutia by ALROSA, a global mining company that produces more than a quarter of the world’s natural, non-conflict diamonds.

c.jpgWith mines came jobs, and with the jobs came responsibility. For us, working in one of the toughest regions on Earth has meant becoming an integral part of that region, and of all regions in which we operate. In Yakutia, ALROSA created the necessary conditions for people to live safe and productive lives. We built roads, ensured delivery food, and medical supplies to the region’s remote parts. We renovated schools and opened daycares. We modernized hospitals and medical equipment, and built housing for professionals who come to work in the North.

Then we decided that meeting basic needs was not enough. We wanted communities in which we operate to thrive.

Through our Diamonds that Care initiative, we invest around $150 million annually into about 500 social programs to promote connectedness and fulfillment. We support the arts and theater, and various sports ranging from skiing to chess. We built gymnasiums for adults and children with disabilities, so they are included in the community. We send kids to summer camp and build community centers where people can come together.

We are not just changing lives – we are continuously investing in solving the most pressing environmental problems of today such as melting permafrost, which releases carbon dioxide and methane into our planet’s atmosphere. Today, 89% of the electricity we consume comes from renewable sources, and the share of reused and recycled water in our production is 95%. ALROSA started to implement a climate and environmental strategy, which will include scenarios to achieve carbon neutrality.

Social Projects Website

In 2020, ALROSA launched website, with the information about the company's social initiatives and investments in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and other regions of presence published on it. We need this website to:

  • tell the public about social, charitable and environmental projects and about the funds allocated for charity and regional development;
  • form a feedback loop between the community and the people responsible for the implementation of the projects on the part of the recipients;
  • maintain a dialogue with representatives of state and regional authorities who are interested in up-to-date information about the status of key social initiatives that the company implements in close cooperation with them.

The website contains topic-specific sections on the main areas of ALROSA's social projects. The page of each project contains information including the history of implementation, project details and the report of the beneficiary. There is also a feedback form and contacts for more detailed information about the project.


ALROSA pays special attention to projects aimed at supporting children and youth. The company builds rehabilitation and activity centers, equips children's departments in hospitals, supports kindergartens and schools, and finances summer recreation.

Every year ALROSA allocates about RUB 2 billion to projects aimed at supporting children.

Major projects of recent years:

• A rehabilitation center in Yakutsk for children with various health problems, which has no analogues today in the entire Far East. Its total cost was about RUB 1 billion.

• A new building for the Kharyskhal (‘amulet’ in Yakut language) rehabilitation center, its construction costed the company RUB 60 million. This is the only center in Mirny, a diamond mining town, where children from disadvantaged families undergo rehabilitation. The center not only helps children but also works with their families.

• Support of the Trust Fund for Future Generations of Yakutia – about RUB 1 billion annually.

• Support of 29 kindergartens in the Mirny District, the company's annual contribution exceeds RUB 500 million


ALROSA’s funds are used to build and repair hospitals in the regions where the company operates, purchase necessary equipment and attract qualified specialists, all in order to ensure that residents of even the most remote settlements have access to high-quality medicine.

Every year ALROSA allocates over RUB 1 billion to finance health-related projects.

Major projects of recent years:

• Hospital for more than 3,000 residents of Zhigansk, a small village on the bank of the Lena River. The company's investments for construction amounted to about RUB 400 million.

• Hospital in the village of Batagai, which is attended by 180 people per shift. ALROSA allocated almost RUB 700 million for construction.

• A nine-storey house for the employees of the Mirny Central District Hospital, the company allocated for the construction RUB 180 million.

• Modernization of the healthcare system in the Mirny District – RUB 204 million.

• The annual Health Program for employees – over 700 million rubles.

Vital Facilities

Yakutia's harsh climate inevitably affects infrastructure in the region. The company strives to provide its employees and local residents with vital facilities and maintains them in normal condition: roads, power lines, residential buildings etc. ALROSA's spending on infrastructure exceeds RUB 1 billion annually.

Major projects of recent years:

• Construction of new housing and payment of monetary compensation to residents of the village of Byas-Kyuhel who suffered from forest fires. The company's aid amounted to RUB 200 million.

• Construction of a new activities center for children in Mirny. The company's investments amounted to RUB 230 million.

• Improvement of urban areas, including implementation of the long-term program for demolition of dilapidated housing, repair of residential buildings, asphalting and repair of urban roads. The company allocates an average of RUB 150 mln per year for these purposes.

• Agreements on social and economic development with nine districts of Yakutia, including construction and repair of vital facilities and improvement of urban environment. The company annually allocates about RUB 100 million for these purposes.


In remote regions, residents do not always have an opportunity to get in touch with the national and world cultural heritage: new plays, famous orchestras etc. visit such towns not as often as big cities. ALROSA strives to remedy this situation and develop arts and culture in different localities, giving people an opportunity to enjoy the arts.

Major projects of recent years:

• Support to the Mirny Drama Theater, about RUB 14 million annually go for subsidies to actors' salaries and taxes.

• Maintenance and construction of cultural facilities, hundreds of events, clubs for employees. Financing of the company is about RUB 400 million per year.

• An interactive museum about the history of diamond mining in Mirny, the company spent RUB 22 million to re-equip it.

• Assistance to the Valery Gergiev and Ilze Liepa charitable foundations, whose activities are aimed, among other things, at supporting young talents from remote regions of the country. In 2021, the company allocated RUB 25 million to the funds.

• Reconstruction of the Museum of Arctic Exploration in the Arkhangelsk Region, which resulted in the creation of a museum complex of nine buildings. ALROSA allocated RUB 40 million for that.

Indigenous Peoples

Kids.jpg ALROSA supports the indigenous peoples of Yakutia, striving to find a balance between their interests and the interests of the state and business in order to improve the quality of life, preserve and develop their national culture. The company pays great attention to supporting the everyday life of the residents of the most northern regions, provides assistance in agricultural activities, and finances social events.

Major projects of recent years:

• Delivery of goods and transportation of doctors to remote villages in the Arctic – an average of RUB 1.5 million annually.

• Support of nine districts of Yakutia – more than RUB 90 million annually.

• Since 2012, 15 cultural facilities have been built, their activities are related to the preservation of national traditions.

• Support of the Kyndykan ethno-cultural project, which aims to draw the world's attention to the indigenous peoples of the North, their culture and traditions, the importance of preserving their traditional way of life and identity.


ALROSA is sure that knowledge and decent education are an essential resource for the development of humanity, so the company strives to provide children and youth from the regions where it operates with educational opportunities regardless of where they live.

The company annually allocates more than RUB 1 billion to finance projects in the field of education.

Major projects of recent years:

• Support of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University. The company annually transfers RUB 24 million to the university's endowment fund, thanks to which the buildings are repaired and equipment is purchased.

• Support of the North-Eastern Federal University’s Endowment Management Fund – about RUB 50 million a year, which are used to develop human resources potential, encourage innovative and creative initiatives of teachers and research staff, and for student trips to scientific events.

• Funding for the program to develop the secondary education system in the Mirny District is over RUB 60 million a year. These funds help pay for trips of schoolchildren and their teachers to various all-Russian events, pay subsidies to teachers' salaries and repair schools.

• Reconstruction of the Republican Chess and Checkers Center in Yakutsk, for which ALROSA allocated about RUB 40 million. Today the center enjoys great success among fans of intellectual sports.


ALROSA strives to ensure that even in one of the coldest regions people feel comfortable when doing sports. Annually, the company implements the corporate program “Culture and Sports”, finances the construction of sports complexes, and supports individual sections in various towns of Yakutia.

Major projects of recent years:

• Maintenance and construction of sports facilities, hundreds of sports events, clubs for employees. The company's funding is more than RUB 500 million annually.

• Construction of a new three-story building for a sports school in Churapcha village, which completely replaced outdated buildings. The company allocated about RUB 290 million for this.

• The Cheer festival, which brings star athletes and coaches, cultural figures and artists in various fields to Yakutia. It is held under sponsorship contracts with federal sports and cultural organizations. Free master-classes, open lessons and exhibition performances for all visitors are organized.

• The Diamond Valley ski center in Mirny. ALROSA annually allocates about RUB 27 million to maintain the bridge and the access road to the sports complex, as well as to purchase the necessary equipment.


Preservation and protection of a healthy and livable natural environment is an integral part of ALROSA's activities. The company strives to contribute to achieving carbon neutrality and reducing the negative impact on the climate and broadcasts an active position by modernizing its production facilities and implementing a wide range of environmental protection and research projects.

ALROSA's annual expenditure on environmental protection measures and financing of environmental projects exceeds RUB 6 billion.

Major projects of recent years:

• Development of the ALROSA Group Climate Strategy, including a plan of measures to achieve carbon neutrality.

• Maintaining the share of recycled and reused water in the production cycle at the level of at least 80%.

• Conversion of production energy facilities to environmentally friendly and economically efficient fuels.

• Biodiversity conservation activities, including monitoring the migration of wild reindeer in Oleneksky District, supporting the Yakutia Living Diamonds park, stocking Yakutia's rivers and lakes with fish, studying the population of the endangered goose and other red-listed species.

• Conservation and restoration of natural landscapes, the company annually reclaims more than 1,000 hectares of land.