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Our Mission

ALROSA’s mission is to remain a global diamond industry leader. The Company is committed to exploiting its resource base in the most efficient way to satisfy the long-term needs of its stakeholders.

Our Values

ALROSA’s corporate values imply doing business with accordance to the highest ethical standards. Complying with all Russian and international laws and respecting human rights are just one cornerstone of the Company’s business reputation. Social accountability and adherence to moral and ethical norms are just as important for the Company’s reputation and success.

ALROSA’s corporate values are:

Making the employees' health and safety a priority
Company employees are our key asset and one of the main factors in the Company's development. Our Company operates a large number of potentially dangerous facilities and uses various hazardous substances for its technological processes, so we are fully aware that we are the ones responsible for safeguarding the people who work in our production. In running our business, we make occupational health and safety one of our top priorities.
Sustainable development
Our company is committed to creating and maintaining favorable long-term social, economic, and natural conditions in the regions where we operate by offering new jobs and improving the quality of life in the local communities, as well as by supporting the budgets of different levels with major tax contributions, building a social infrastructure, and protecting the environment, while also doing our best to prevent and minimize the potential negative impact of our activities. This is consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals that are part of the UN Development Program.
Social accountability
By following a conscientious business strategy, ALROSA regularly works on resolving crucial social issues wherever we have a presence. Our company is highly socially accountable: we provide charity aid, help maintain an accessible and comfortable infrastructure, and pursue a socially accountable labor and social partnership policy. We at ALROSA believe that our company's efforts to design and execute social initiatives will allow us to care for all the people who live in regions where we have offices. We hope that our projects will be appreciated by the local community.
Environmental protection
Our Company's business is directly related to utilizing the natural mineral riches of Russia. In essence, the Company's operations boil down to mining and then technologically processing natural resources. As our business is both technologically complex and hazardous, the Company pays keen attention to the environmental aspects of its business. Achieving high levels of efficiency is inextricably linked to the rational use of natural resources and diligent adherence to environmental laws and international agreements on environmental protection. Knowing that it is responsible for securing the wellbeing of future generations, the Company strives to minimize its impact on the environment.
We at ALROSA are aware of our duties to our shareholders, investors, customers, and partners. This makes business efficacy one of our core values. Our Company constantly aims to improve the productivity of our operations. This is facilitated by various strategic initiatives proposed by the supervisory bodies and the shareholders. We work tirelessly to increase our profits and generate more value, by ensuring that our mining yield meets the rising customer demand, accumulating more operational assets, introducing new technologies, and increasing the total market value. In order to work at the Company, employees are expected to be very productive, which helps retain and build up our competitive advantages and expand our share of the market. Our Company analyzes the risks that arise from its operations, and ensures that they are properly minimized. We vet our suppliers and contractors by unbiased criteria, acting solely in line with approved procedures.
Our Company's diverse business operations do not just follow the law and planned objectives. The essence of what we are working for is also crucial. As it fulfills its mission, the Company respects the principles of honesty, fairness, respect, and moral integrity. Disregard for the Company's principles and values and attempts to achieve the desired result at any cost are something we find quite unacceptable.
Our Company creates, maintains, and greatly appreciates relationships with our business partners and community organizations. After all, it would be impossible to work efficiently without lasting and mutually beneficial collaboration, without mutual respect and a responsible approach to fulfilling one's business obligations. The Company tries to foster a spirit of partnership and team work in its corporate family, motivating the employees to work hard and achieve outstanding results.
Legal compliance
All of our Company's activities fall in line with both Russian legislation and the laws of the countries where we have our branches. Our business follows the law to the letter; we consider any loophole abuse to be reprehensible. Our Company is continuously monitoring the laws that govern any and all areas where we are involved. This allows us to respond to changes in legislation in a prompt and efficient manner and, if necessary, adjust our economic operations so that they comply with the law.

Our Principles

Strategic Flexibility and Innovations
ALROSA operates in challenging environment with market prices seriously affecting its strategy implementation. The Company deals with it by adopting flexible strategic solutions. ALROSA highly appreciates all development suggestions and ideas, evaluating all of them and implementing those with affordable level of risks.
Focus on Strategy and Generating Value
The Company plans its activities according to the strategy, focusing on most crucial objectives.
Energy and Passion
ALROSA people are committed, active and effective professionals. Every employee contributes to the Company’s success by creating value and bringing it closer to the success of its mission. Every member of the team feels his importance for the company and its development and knows that his input will bring a reward.
Professionalism and Teamwork
We at ALROSA aspire to hire employees that are experts in their field. We encourage teamwork and trust our employees to act as professionals.

You will find more detailed information on the key principles and values that ALROSA relies on in its interactions with its employees, business partners, government authorities, and the general public in the ALROSA Corporate Ethics Code.

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