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Diamond industry

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The global rough diamond market is represented by entities that extract and sell rough diamonds. Most of the world’s rough diamonds are mined in just 7 countries, and their overall share in global diamond production (by physical volume) exceeds 90%. These largest global natural diamond suppliers are: Russia, Canada, Botswana, DR Congo, Australia, South Africa, and Angola.

The global rough diamond production in 2022 was 118 mln carats, which is 2% less compared to 2021.
Russia ranks first worldwide by the amount and value of all rough diamonds mined. There are several major mining companies that handle the rough diamond extraction in the world’s key diamond-rich countries: ALROSA, De Beers, Rio Tinto, Catoca, and Petra Diamonds.

In 2022, the ALROSA Group produced 35.6 mln carats of rough diamonds holding a leading position among the world's major diamond mining companies. The Company increased its share of global diamond production to 30% in volume terms.

Top Diamond Mining Companies in 2022 (% of global production)

Source: companies' reports, Kimberley Process

ALROSA has access to the world’s richest reserves of rough diamonds, leads in the number of carats, and boasts a highly profitable business.