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Innovation Activities

ALROSA’s innovation activities are aimed at facilitating the sustainable development of the Company through improved competitive positions and continuous creation, development and adaptation of innovations in its core business.

Within the framework of the innovation processes, the Company has enacted the Program for Innovative and Technological Upgrade of ALROSA up to 2024). It provides for a series of measures that will allow us to develop and deploy new technologies and innovative products and services, compliant both with international standards and with the priorities of the domestic policy on research, technology, and innovation.

Cooperation within the Framework of Innovation (sub-heading)

One of the main pillars of the Company’s innovation activities is the principle of «open innovation» that supports broad interaction of ALROSA with the innovation community.

The company implements innovations in partnership with third-party contractors: research centers and institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, universities, innovative small and medium-sized businesses, technology platforms, start-ups, development institutions and other organizations in order to accelerate the creation and launch of globally competitive products.

To build effective communications with the innovative community the Company has implemented the One-Stop-Shop system for collection and review of the innovative proposals in line with the list of ALROSA’s core business tasks with the aim of their further implementation in the company.

Apart from that, we regularly hold various contests, incl. the ALROSA Open Innovation Contest, aimed at involving the external and internal environment in the innovative activities of the Company, and the introduction and use of innovative solutions.

One-Stop-Shop System

The One-Stop-Shop system is a means of interaction between the Company and the manufacturers and suppliers of innovative solutions, including small and medium-sized businesses. The system is governed by the Regulations on the Procedure and Rules for the Implementation of Innovative Products at ALROSA that determine the procedure and rules for reviewing the innovative proposals and their inclusion in the List of Innovative Products for Future Use at ALROSA.

Within the framework of the system the ALROSA’s list of core business tasks is regularly published, this applies to the innovative solutions and relevant requirements; also we collect and evaluate the new proposals.

Solutions of various maturity levels are accepted: from R&D to mass-produced items. However, it should be noted that the maturity and quality of these proposals will help the Company’s specialists in considering them in a shorter time frame.

Innovation actors are free to submit their innovation proposals via the One-Stop-Shop contact center, using an official submission form. We accept proposals on a regular basis.

Once an innovation actor submits a proposal through the One-Stop-Shop Сontact center, the proposal is entered into the Submission Registry. The Registry is publicly available on the company’s corporate portal, allowing applicants to review their proposal status.

Application submission
Preliminary assessment
Assessment by specialized specialists
Inclusion in the Register of Innovative Products

It should be noted that regardless of the positive assessment of a proposal, procurement of innovative solutions is governed by the Regulations on Procurement at ALROSA, and the Company’s regulatory documents that cover procurement and contract-related procedures.


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ALROSA Open Innovation Contest

ALROSA Open Innovation Contest

Since 2012, ALROSA has been holding an annual open contest for innovative projects in order to discover the innovative solutions for its production processes. Anyone can participate in the Contest, including individuals as well as educational, research and production institutions, individual entrepreneurs, and ALROSA employees. There are three nominations in this contest:

  • «Innovative project» — the participant’s own original or adaptive inventions that can be applied to the production facilities of ALROSA or in similar companies;
  • «Innovative idea» — proposals at the early stages of development (hypothesis, assumption);
  • «Innovative product» — materials, equipment, machinery, or technology for targeted purposes that are known in the market and used in the mining field.

There are 3 prizes in each of the nominations. The total prize fund is 2 million rubles.

The contest deadlines, document attachment list, submission and presentation requirements are available in the Regulations on the ALROSA Open Innovation Contest.

The Contest Process

The Contest begins (we announce our needs and publish the submission requirements and deadlines)
Remote selection stage (documents are checked for compliance and reviewed by the boards and committees responsible for the relevant operations, as well as by the Company’s operational units)
Final stage (the applicant presents their proposal personally at ALROSA’s Technical and Economic Board)

Please send your applications for participation in the Contest to the Innovation center.

Winners 2019

In the «Innovative project» nomination, the first prize was awarded to the invention called «NKMPV three-dimensional seismology for primary diamond deposits search» (by Gennady Cherny, VGRE). The third prize was awarded to the project called «Extraction of microdiamonds and MSA by hydroseparation» (team of authors: Vladimir Rudashevsky, CNT-Instruments, Oleg Kovalchuk, Yuri Stegnitsky, NIGP, Vladimir Zuev, department of operational geology).

In the «Innovative idea» nomination, the first prize was awarded to the proposal called «Development of VG placer reserves by hydro-mining» (suggested by Andrey Korovenkov, mine surveying department, Yulia Gladkaya, Yakutniproalmaz Institute). The second prize was awarded to the project called «Low-speed axial wind turbine» (suggested by Alexander Alexandrov and Semyon Okonosov, NGOK). The third prize was awarded to the project called «Modular three-axis borehole magnetometer» (suggested by Oleg Kovalchuk, NIGP, Evgeny Goncharov, VGRE).

Oleg Nikolenko (AGOK) was awarded the prize in the «Innovative Product» nomination for his work called «Building a digital mine model using HERON Lite handheld scanner». The second prize went to Nikita Onuchin from «Severalmaz» who offered the «Roadbed condition monitoring system for haul roads». The third prize went to Eduard Yemelyanov and Maksim Mkrtchan (Chief Mechanical Engineer’s Department) for the project called «Use of a process filler for large tires in ALROSA’s underground mines.»

In addition, the Technical and Economic Board recognized four teams of authors for the most promising proposals. The winners and runners-up were awarded diplomas and cash prizes. The total prize fund was 2 million rubles.



The largest startup accelerator in Russia and Eastern Europe; a federal platform for developing corporate acceleration tools. Held by the Russian Venture Company since 2013. The industrial partners of GenerationS have included leading corporations from Russia and around the world, interested in selecting and accelerating startups. The GenerationS community includes over 14 thousand technology startups and more than 400 corporate and ecosystem partners

As the accelerator’s partner, ALROSA is able to get more sustainable development opportunities by accessing new technologies.



The largest innovative project contest and startup accelerator in mechanical engineering technology. Technostart is organized by the OMZ (United Heavy Engineering Plants) Group, Yekaterinburg, and supported by the Ural Federal University, Uralmash OJSC, and the Skolkovo Foundation. ALROSA has had its own section at the contest since 2014; we use this opportunity to select projects that may potentially be deployed at diamond mining facilities.

Winners 2019

On May 21, the Skolkovo Technopark hosted the final stage of the seventh Technostart-2019 competition for innovative projects in mechanical engineering. Event organizers: OMZ (United Heavy Engineering Plants) Group and Skolkovo Foundation in partnership with Alrosa.

Engineering startups from different cities of Russia took part in the contest. Three projects were winners in the main nomination this year: «Extra gas-proof coke oven doors», Sergey Likhachev; «Cylindrical multiway valves for purge systems for steam generators at nuclear plants with VVER reactors», Alexey Mironchuk (NPF TsKBA); ArcFusion (3D-system for additive manufacturing of metal products), Alexey Sukhochev.

The projects won 150 thousand rubles each and the mentoring support of Skolkovo Foundation.

Alrosa’s special nomination with a prize of 200 thousand rubles was awarded to the project named «Electric bus for the North». Author: Viktor Moskvalev.

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