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4 Dec 2020 / #Nature

How Diamonds are Protecting Siberia’s Reindeer

December 4th marks World Wildlife Conservation Day. As many of us decorate our homes with reindeer ornaments in the run-up to Christmas, we’re highlighting the work being done in Yakutia to ensure these «living diamonds» don’t fade into mythology.
1 Jun 2020 / #Did you know?

7 Reasons to Consider Buying Diamond Jewelry

Since the dawn of time, humans have been striving to make themselves look more beautiful by wearing earrings, rings, bracelets, tiaras, and much more. The modern world is no different. We use jewelry to express our personality, disposition, and mood.
29 May 2022 / #Sport

Nastroyeniye (Good Mood) Festival

Most of our diamond deposits are located in Yakutia. People live in single-industry towns there, and ALROSA is the largest key employer of the region. About 50,000 people live in these small towns — Mirny, Aikhal, and Udachny.
21 May 2020 / #Did you know?

Сolor of diamonds

Most diamonds have a yellowish tint, which is almost invisible to the naked eye, but does impact the final price. The less saturated the color, the more expensive the gem. A perfect diamond needs to be completely colorless and transparent; this allows light to pass through it without hindrance, creating the famous radiance.
12 May 2022 / #Nature

Zhivyye Almazy Nature Park

More than 2,000 animal species around the world are on the verge of extinction. Even more are endangered and need protection. And then there are tens of thousands of animal species never seen by people who live in cities. We believe that human detachment from nature is no less a problem than the gradual extinction of species.
8 May 2020 / #Did you know?

The history of jewelry making

Jewelry making is an ancient art that goes back into the distant past. The very first jewelry served our ancestors as protective amulets and good luck charms, crafted from the materials close at hand: wood, animal teeth and bones, shells, and colorful pebbles. The most ancient beads ever discovered were made from seashells about 100 thousand years ago.
6 May 2020 / #Did you know?

The World's 5 Most Famous Diamonds

Diamonds have always been an embodiment of wealth and luxury, serving humankind as lucky charms and guiding beacons. They have witnessed life’s happiest moments, and people have died because of them. They have sparked off wars, and then been used to broker peace... Our list features fantastic tales of the best known gems in the world.
22 Apr 2020 / #Did you know?

The 7 Most Famous Pieces of Diamond Jewelry

This legendary ring bears an 18-carat Ceylon sapphire, surrounded by 14 diamonds. Prince Charles invited the jewelers, House of Garrard, to Windsor Castle, and they brought along their very best rings. Diana, who had always loved sapphires, made her choice. Today, you might spot Kate Middleton wearing this very same ring.
6 Apr 2020 / #Did you know?

Cut Quality

A polished diamond is cut from a rough gemstone. Contrary to popular opinion, the practice of gem cutting did not in fact appear in ancient times. The first attempts to take the chisel to the world’s most resilient mineral were made not that long ago, in the 14th century, and the first diamond cuts were very simple.
3 Apr 2020 / #Creativity

Kolodets Skazok (Well of Fairy Tales) Children’s Contest

ALROSA Ecology Center announces the Kolodets Skazok Literary and Art Contest. The winners’ works will be published in a book by the same title.
1 Apr 2020 / #Did you know?

Diamond jewelry for men

Today, most of us believe that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. However, this does not in any way imply that men are completely disinterested in diamond jewelry. On the contrary: diamonds originally used to symbolize power and virility, and during the Middle Ages, they were mostly worn by men, as a way of showing off their position in high society. Noble ladies did not succumb to the enticing glow of these marvelous gemstones until the modern age.
19 Mar 2020 / #Did you know?

Carat Weight

Carats are the best known measure associated with diamonds. That said, many people probably don’t know what the word means. And if you ask them what, say, a 3-carat diamond looks like, they will probably be at a loss.
8 Mar 2020 / #Did you know?

How to Find the Right Diamond Jewelry

Each self-respecting young woman must own at least one piece of diamond jewelry. But, since diamond jewelry (just as any other luxury commodity) is not something we go about buying very often, you have to approach your purchase with very careful planning.
1 Mar 2020 / #Did you know?


Clarity is the main factor that determines a diamond’s quality. This is what the gem’s ability to refract and reflect light — and therefore, the legendary diamond brilliance — depends on.
14 Feb 2020 / #Did you know?

7 Occasions that Call for Gifting Diamond Jewelry

Traditionally, it would be considered inappropriate to just randomly buy diamond jewelry for yourself. These precious gemstones were usually saved for gifts, serving as an expression of a special relationship with a particular person or for a special occasion.
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