ALROSA reports fulfilling its obligations under the 2024 Eurobonds

ALROSA reports fulfilling its obligations under the 2024 Eurobonds

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17 Apr 2024

PJSC ALROSA (the “Company”) reports fulfilling its obligations under a Eurobond issue in the amount of USD 500,000,000 with a maturity date in 2024 and a coupon rate of 4.65% per annum (the “Eurobonds”), specifically regarding the redemption of the nominal value of the Eurobonds and payment of the final coupon. According to the issuance documentation, the Eurobonds became due on 9 April 2024 (the “Payment”).

Pursuant to Russian Federation Presidential Decrees No. 95 dated 5 March 2022 and No. 430 dated 5 July 2022 (“Decree No. 430”), on 17 April 2024, the Company transferred funds to JSD NSD (National Settlement Depository) for onward transfer to Eurobond holders whose rights are recorded in the Russian depository infrastructure in accordance with the register of Eurobond holders. The register was collated on 8 April 2024, i.e. one business day prior to the established Payment date, based on the outcomes of the procedure initiated by JSD NSD to identify Eurobond holders. The Payment was made in Russian roubles pursuant to the procedure established by the Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia dated 22 December 2023.

Previously, in accordance with clause 4(4) of Decree No. 430, the Company had obtained approval from the Government Commission on Monitoring Foreign Investment in the Russian Federation to fulfil its obligations to Eurobond holders whose rights are recorded in Russian depositories by transferring funds as required by the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, without complying with clauses 4, 4(2), and 4(3) of Decree No. 430.

Furthermore, in accordance with Russian Federation Presidential Decree No. 198 dated 19 March 2024 (“Decree No. 198”), the Company will also provide payments to those Eurobond holders who did not receive the Payment as described above, as long as such Eurobond holders submit a Payment request and other relevant documents as specified in Decree No. 198 to the Company within the deadlines stipulated by Decree No. 198.
May 2024 – PJSC ALROSA announces the procedure for submitting payment requests under the Eurobonds pursuant to Decree No. 198 dated 19 March 2024
ALROSA announces fulfilment of its Eurobond-2027 obligations in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation