Eurobond coupon payment

Eurobond coupon payment

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13 Apr 2023

13 April 2023 - PJSC ALROSA (the “Company”) announces payment of the latest coupon in fulfilment of its obligations under a Eurobond issue in the amount of USD 500,000,000, maturing in 2024 (the “Eurobonds”), scheduled for payment on 9 April 2023, and - as 7-10 of April are non-business days in USA and UK - due to be paid on 11 April 2023 (the “Coupon”).

In accordance with the Russian Federation Presidential Decrees No. 95, dated 5 March 2022, and No. 430, dated 5 July 2022, on 13 April 2023, the Company transferred funds to JSD NSD (National Settlement Depository) for onward transfer to Eurobond holders whose rights are recorded in the Russian depository infrastructure in accordance with the registers of Eurobond holders collated on 6 April 2023 (the business day prior to the date on which payment of the Coupon was due) as a result of the procedure to identify holders of ALROSA Eurobonds conducted by JSD NSD. The Coupon payment was made in Russian Federation roubles in accordance with the procedure determined by the Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia on 8 July 2022.

The fulfilment of Eurobond coupon payment obligations as stipulated in the terms and conditions of the issuing documentation to holders whose rights are registered in foreign depository infrastructure (in particular through the Euroclear, Clearstream, and DTC settlement and clearing systems) remains technically impossible due to the sanctions imposed on the Company.

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The Company is fully committed to its Eurobond payment obligations, and is taking all possible steps and measures to protect the interests of all its Eurobond holders in equal measure. The Company is considering possible ways in which it might fulfil its obligations in the current circumstances.

ALROSA Supervisory Board will consider the candidacy of Pavel Marinychev for the position of CEO-Chairman of the Executive Board
PJSC ALROSA announces fulfilment of its Eurobond-2027 obligations in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation